Tip-Edge Brackets with Dr. Nirenblatt

At Nirenblatt Orthodontics, we strive to offer only the best orthodontic care. That means staying up to date on the latest technologies and orthodontic treatments. That's why Dr. Bradley Nirenblatt uses Tip-Edge PLUS brackets. Dr. Nirenblatt says that, "because of its small, single-wing design the PLUS Bracket System has plenty of inter-bracket width, allowing engagement of crowded teeth early on and easily in treatment. The vertical slot makes it easy to engage, upright and rotate teeth with spring auxiliaries if needed. Borderline extraction cases can be easily treated as non-extraction cases."

In Fact, Dr. Nirenblatt's orthodontic cases have been chosen to represent TP Orthodontic's Tip-Edge Plus Brackets. There is even a link on their website for orthodontists to e-mail Dr. Nirenblatt with questions about Tip-Edge brackets.

Dr. Nirenblatt has achieved successful treatment results for more than 10 years with Tip-Edge PLUS. If you have any questions about the Tip-Edge PLUS Bracket System, or to schedule a consultation with Dr. Nirenblatt, give our office a call!



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