Putting our patients at ease, at Nirenblatt Orthodontics

At Nirenblatt Orthodontics, we strive to provide our patients with only the best in orthodontic care in a comfortable, friendly and informative office. Today we took some time to answer questions about what patients can expect when they start treatment at our office.

Do you take the time to explain options to your patients, and what each procedure entails?
Yes, we always make time to explain everything that is going on.

Do you partner with your patients other dental professionals to make sure they receive superior treatment?
Yes, we stay very close in contact with our patients' other dental professionals to ensure the best treatment possible.

Do you use state of the art technology to make procedures more efficient and cause less discomfort?
Yes, we have the latest technology possible to make our patients' treatments more understandable and as comfortable as possible. Such as, videos for all procedures, whether it be a more of a severe case like extractions needed or an easy case like elastic wear. We make it as easy to understand for our patients as we can.

Do you offer extras like wireless Internet access, coffee or snacks?
We do not provide Internet access at this time, but are thinking of providing it in the future. We do, however, supply lots of goodies at our snack bar and always have the coffee on and ready to go.

Do you have incentive programs to help your patients stay motivated about good oral health?
We sure do! We have a Smile Tokens Reward Program, which means that every time our patients come in for their appointments and have good oral hygeine, wear their Nirenblatt Orthodontics t-shirts, are wearing their elastics according to treatment plan, etc...they will receive up to 2 or 3 smile tokens per appointment and are able to cash them in at anytime to receive one of our many prizes! But, that's not all! We are in the process of getting a NEW and MORE EXCITING rewards program. So stay tuned for more information on the new and upcoming rewards program!!

Do you do anything that you feel sets you apart from other doctors in the area?
Yes, we offer NO down payments and some interest free monthly payments!

If you have any questions about our practice, or would like to schedule a consultation, give us a call today!

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