Extraction of all Four First Molars and Keeping Wisdom Teeth

When preteen patients have extensive tooth decay on their first molars their general or pediatric dentist will place stainless steel crowns to keep the teeth from fracturing. Crowns do not last forever and typically will need to be replaced every 10 years. There is also the risk of these teeth needing root canals. Rather than keep these compromised steel crowned teeth, it makes much more sense to extract these compromised teeth and keep the wisdom teeth. Many people think that most wisdom teeth need to be extracted and they usually are because of lack of space but if you give them space they will function just fine. This patient was saved a lifetime of dental problems by having braces and extracting the four first molars. I corrected her bite as well. The last x-ray shows perfect root structure of her third molars which erupted later on and did not require any alignment.

Nirenblatt First Molar Extractions Braces Tip-Edge

Nirenblatt Braces First_Molar Extractions Pan Tip-Edge

Nirenblatt Braces First Molar Extractions Pan

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