Bradley Nirenblatt, D.M.D., PA Specialist in Orthodontics


The story of the three impacted canine teeth

September 23rd, 2017

impacted canines nirenblattimpacted canines nirenblatt

Here is the story of three impacted canine teeth that Dr. Nirenblatt saved by bringing them carefully into the mouth. Somewhere along their journey to the mouth they got tired and could not travel anymore.  Two were hiding in the upper jaw and one in the lower jaw. They all made it into the mouth safely without damaging any of the other teeth. He also helped close the large diastema (space) between the front teeth. Did you know that the upper canine teeth frequently become impacted because they are the last set of the front permanent to erupt and they have the longest journey to travel?

My Invisalign Teen Case with Gingival Sculpting

October 6th, 2012

Invisalign Teen Gum Sculpting Radiosurgery

I finished this young lady with Invisalign Teen. One of her chief complaints was her gummy smile. I definitely reduced it using Invisalign but needed a little more help. So I turned on my Radiosurgery unit and removed the remaining gingiva at the margin of her two upper central incisors. This procedure took 10 minutes with no bleeding . This was indeed the icing on the cake for her and I!

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