Tip-Edge PLUS

Teen extraction with tip-edge braces to correct crowding and open bite

June 25th, 2017

Nirenblatt Extraction Case with Tip-Edge

Here is a teenager I treated with Tip-Edge braces and extraction of teeth including her compromised "steel crown". I treated her in 19 visits and closed the large molar space. We will keep her wisdom tooth #17 on that side. We achieved straight teeth, closure of her openbite and elimination of a lifetime of problems from a stainless steel crown.

Seven Year Follow Up Of My Orthodontic Patient

May 20th, 2015

Nirenblatt Braces Crowded Teeth Orthodontist

I was fortunate to have this young man return to my office for a new retainer 7 years after I finished his case. Everything looks great and even better than they did when I finished him without removing any teeth  in 2008! I continue to use Tip-Edge Braces on my patients for the best result.

Adult Orthodontic Patient Treated With Tip-Edge Braces

May 20th, 2015

Nirenblatt Braces Crowded Teeth

I just finished this young lady in her 40's. I helped her general dentist improve her bite so that she can have her back teeth replaced. I also improved her smile by intruding her upper front teeth to reduce her "gummy smile".

Invisalign Teen Result!

August 6th, 2012

Trying not to sound conceded, I am so proud of my most recent Invisalign teen case. I have been using the Invisalign product since 1999 and the results still amaze me. Invisalign spends a lot on research and development regarding tooth movement. Most of their advances have been with their improved attachments. Look at my before and after case:

Tip-Edge Brackets with Dr. Nirenblatt

October 20th, 2011

At Nirenblatt Orthodontics, we strive to offer only the best orthodontic care. That means staying up to date on the latest technologies and orthodontic treatments. That's why Dr. Bradley Nirenblatt uses Tip-Edge PLUS brackets. Dr. Nirenblatt says that, "because of its small, single-wing design the PLUS Bracket System has plenty of inter-bracket width, allowing engagement of crowded teeth early on and easily in treatment. The vertical slot makes it easy to engage, upright and rotate teeth with spring auxiliaries if needed. Borderline extraction cases can be easily treated as non-extraction cases."

In Fact, Dr. Nirenblatt's orthodontic cases have been chosen to represent TP Orthodontic's Tip-Edge Plus Brackets. There is even a link on their website for orthodontists to e-mail Dr. Nirenblatt with questions about Tip-Edge brackets.

Dr. Nirenblatt has achieved successful treatment results for more than 10 years with Tip-Edge PLUS. If you have any questions about the Tip-Edge PLUS Bracket System, or to schedule a consultation with Dr. Nirenblatt, give our office a call!



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