Clear Aligners

Easy Re-treatment or Easy Treatment

Did you have braces when you were a teen and need a tune-up due to shifting? Did you lose your retainer and now your teeth are shifting? Are you getting married soon and want a pretty smile for the big day?

Do you want to be treated in as little as two to six months with minimal office visits and minimal cost? Or perhaps you travel a lot and need an easy alternative to traditional treatment.

Then our in-house aligners are for you! Our aligners are handcrafted, clear aligners designed personally by Dr. Nirenblatt, and customized for our patients. These clear aligners are created using our state-of-the-art, 3D technology software in our Charleston area office, as opposed to mail-order aligners designed by unknown people in another city or country.

This gives you the added benefit and comfort of knowing Dr. Nirenblatt designs and decides the best tooth movement process personalized to you and in collaboration with your local dentist.

By controlling the entire process in Charleston, we closely monitor your treatment and make adjustments more efficiently: accelerating treatment time and creating a more accurate, stable, and long-term result.

The best part of our aligners is that by eliminating the third parties who deliver other aligners, we now have the opportunity to provide your clear aligner treatment locally at a more affordable cost than ever. Our patients receive better results and faster treatment ... all at a lower cost.

Our aligners vs Mail order aligners

Aligners are plastic trays that can move teeth but do not have a mind of their own. Many mail-order online companies are now selling these plastic aligners at cheap prices. Plastic aligners are simply tools. It is the orthodontist’s experience in art and science which decides how your teeth should move using those trays to align your teeth and correct your bite.

Mail-order aligner dentists do not treatment plan with x-rays, do not offer interproximal reduction or attachments. All of which are essential tools which enable any orthodontist to align teeth without harm for the best results. Without these options, results are very limited. Without x-rays which are the basis for any dental or medical procedure you are at risk for harm. Furthermore the online dentist has no vested interest in creating a long-term relationship with you or your family and is protected by the aligner company if your results are compromised.

It’s worthwhile to remember that teeth are vital parts of your body. Would you rather trust an online company owned by investors to decide the movement of your teeth using plastic aligners or a local orthodontist?

You should be looking for invisible aligners, not invisible treatment from a faceless company. So when you see Dr. Nirenblatt for your aligner treatment, you can rest well, knowing you are being treated by a local, experienced, and reputable orthodontist who cares about service and your smile.

We hope you are as excited as we are about our aligners. Please feel free to check out our YouTube channel  to learn more about our 3D printer and our clear aligner treatment.  Be sure to check our social for pictures of some of our great aligner patients.