Bradley Nirenblatt, D.M.D., PA Specialist in Orthodontics


As you may know Dr. Nirenblatt has been providing Invisalign treatment since the product was introduced in 1999. He has evolved with the product completing over 500 cases and even was recognized by the company for achieving great success with clear aligner treatment. This experience has allowed him to take advantage of the latest technology and design his own brand of aligners: n-line!

The first step to starting treatment is a 3D scan with our iTero Element. Using the scanner makes it a lot more comfortable for patients eliminating gooey impressions. It also provides great accuracy in making your aligners. After we scan your teeth Dr. Nirenblatt submits your case into a digital lab software which he uses to place attachments and anticipate tooth movement. Once he is happy with the treatment plan and your smile transformation we 3D print your models and make the n-line trays right here in our North Charleston office. Since we are no longer relying on a company to produce your aligners our assistants act as your lab technicians. They are able to closely monitor your treatment progress and make adjustments more efficiently by removing the middle man. In addition to accelerating turn around time, eliminating the third party has given us the opportunity to provide clear aligner treatment at a more affordable cost than ever before.

We hope you are as excited as we are about this latest treatment option. Please feel free to check out our youtube channel if you would like to learn more about our 3D printer and n-line treatment. We hope to see you soon!!

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