Teeth Whitening

Planning a wedding, graduation, or any other special event? Our in-office whitening treatment will give you a white, bright, and beautiful smile for that extra boost of self-confidence!

Teeth whitening

We are so excited to share our new Glo whitening system with you! It takes HALF the chair time, has NO sensitivity, and best of all, NO trays are required!

Glo’s patented innovation is a universal-sized mouthpiece that combines light and heat in a closed system. The controlled warming heat accelerates the reaction of the whitening gel, which results in shorter exposure time to the gel, and therefore less sensitivity.

Glo can lighten your smile up to five shades! What is the difference between the over-the-counter kits and orthodontic office whitening? The orthodontic office treatment’s clinical strength is triple the amount of any at-home kit you may be using. If you are exhausted by having to wear trays, or feel like you haven’t seen the results you were looking for, your search is OVER!

Schedule your appointment today and see the results you have been dreaming of! You do not have to be an existing braces or Invisalign patient to receive this treatment. If you are currently receiving orthodontic treatment, you may schedule your whitening as soon as one week after your treatment is complete!

So what are you waiting for? Come Glo with us today!