If you’d like to share some kind words and smiles, please ask our front desk staff for a comment card at your next appointment. We’d love to hear about your experience!

“The staff made me feel very comfortable. I would highly recommend going there.” — Jamie L.
“Dr. Nirenblatt and his staff are so friendly with their patients. I left them smiling brightly, my teeth straight as a ruler. They are a team of great personalities and interactive souls.” — Nichole S.
“My son got his braces here and now my daughter has them as well. She will be getting hers off soon. The friendliest staff I’ve ever dealt with. Would definitely recommend them ... keep up the good work!” — Lakeesha L.
“Everyone is friendly, nice, and professional, and they make the experience go by smoothly. I love it here!” — Ashely S.
“Polite, friendly, and honest!” — Charlence C.
“The entire staff is helpful and will go the extra mile.” — Zoe W.
“The young lady who met with us was fun and bubbly. Love her! She made everything clear and simple! The front desk was just as awesome and polite. I have a great feeling about this office!” — Angel W.
“Some of the nicest people in their area of expertise. They were very professional and Dr. Nirenblatt and his team were very knowledgeable. They definitely made me feel welcome, as well as comfortable. It was a very warm and delightful experience. They acted like I was the star of the show! Their office decor is a major factor in my glee as a patient there: colorful walls, cute props, and great music. Another great thing about him and his team is their friendly mannerisms. They get to know all their patients. Dr. Nirenblatt and team, take your bow!” — Sidney S.
“Very satisfied with the services I am provided every time I visit.” — Alicia R.
“Highly recommended! You won’t find a better team of professionals who will treat you like family and have you leave their office feeling like you’ve known them your whole life! My kids can’t wait for their next visit!” — Nicole F.
“I just got my braces on at the North Charleston office. Dr. Nirenblatt and his staff have been very friendly, nice, and helpful. They treated me like family. I had to take my kids with me since they are in summer break, and they didn’t mind; they had such a good time waiting for mommy that they didn’t even notice the time they really waited. I also asked tons of questions, called several times before taking a decision about my treatment options, and they were always very honest and nice. I love them.” — Abigail S.