Bradley Nirenblatt, D.M.D., PA Specialist in Orthodontics

Why An Orthodontist?

An Orthodontist is a dentist who has chosen to advance their training and career by specializing and receiving an additional, advanced degree from an Orthodontic Residency program from an accredited medical university. These 2-3 year programs typically accept only the top 10% of the students from a dental school class. By specializing in Orthodontics, Dr. Nirenblatt has chosen to devote 100% of his practice to aligning teeth and jaws rather than performing the many different procedures that are performed and required by a general dentist.

 Dr. Nirenblatt will work as a team with your general dentist and other dental professionals encouraging you to see them every six months for cleanings and cavity checks.  He will also consult with them if you need teeth replacement after your braces are removed or if any further dental care is needed. This team approach gives our patients the best possible orthodontic result giving you a great smile!

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